Thursday, June 21, 2007

Space Stuff

Seriously, my NASA TV addiction is sickening. Only one or two more days of it, though. I honestly feel bad for Ben, cuz I know the guy has got to be sick of it. But I can't help it.

Even at work, I have NASA TV running on my computer 24/7. But it's so neat getting to see live video streaming from space. I feel like I know the awe that people must have felt in 1969 when Neil and Buzz landed on the moon. It just is so cool that we have this technology, that we live in this day and age. Too bad that so many people just don't even have a clue. But I know the interest is there, because when I tell people what I do, I always get a barrage of questions asking me about astronauts, the shuttle and the space station.

I just wish the media gave more attention to the space program, but since they don't, people don't know much about when missions are ongoing. I understand that people have lives, and hobbies and other interests. I know how hard it is to keep up with all the information that comes from NASA, but these are your tax dollars at work, how can you not pay attention to something so fascinating? How often do you find something that you pay for with taxes interesting? Almost never.

Oh well.... maybe when we go back to the moon people will pay attention again. If not, at least landing on Mars will catch their attention. (I hope.)


Mary Margaret said...

Does your workplace offer programs for primary grades? I think it would be a cool thing to do with my first graders. We only study Science for one semester, but I think they would enjoy a field trip like that.

Jennie said...

We sure do! We have our elementary program, titled Micronauts, available for student groups K through 4th. It's a fantastic incorporation of the simulator setting and introduction to various science subjects that meet MO and IL state standards. In the cost of one mission, we include a curriculum guide and a teacher training workshop. It's awesome. Hope we can help you out.