Monday, June 11, 2007

Housewarming Party

It's been six months since Hubby and I moved into our new house. So, we' figured it was about time for a housewarming party. We also made it a M-I-L birthday party, since his mom's birthday was this past Friday.

The party was a typical June BBQ. We had grilled garlic butter shrimp, bratwurst and burgers. There were all the normal BBQ party sides, plus my yummy cute cupcakes. I forgot to take a picture when the cupcake holder was full, so you'll just have to imagine it full.

Top View

Side View

The cupcakes are Pillsbury Funfetti. The frosting is Pillsbury Classic White Extra Creamy. The sprinkles are daisy shaped, and super yummy. Finally, I got the cupcake holder at my local grocery store (Dierberg's). It also has a top that locks the whole thing together so you can carry the cupcakes wherever you want to go! Since they weren't all gone by Sunday night, I took these (plus the four that got eaten today) to work with me. I'll just have to bring them back tomorrow so Ben and I aren't stuck eating all of them. Although, we will be having cupcakes for dessert tonight.

Oh yeah... the best part is that I made these cupcakes in silicone baking cups. That means they are reusable, so they're better for the environment than throwing away more paper baking cups. I hope the FlipFlopMamma approves.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Less waiste for the environment!!! LOL.