Monday, August 21, 2006

Fantastic Time Waster

On the news this morning, Art and Jennifer (Channel 5 in St. Louis) announced that Missouri is the number one state in wasting time while at work. Apparently, Missourians waste an average of 3.1 hours per day, number two state wastes only 2.1 hours per day. IL workers waste only 2.0 hours per day.

So this got me to thinking, what is it that I do when I need a brief break from work, while at work? I check my e-mail during coffee in the morning and during snack time in the afternoon. I check if my sister has updated her blog. Today, I decided to take a 15 minute break after addressing packets to go to every elementary school and middle school in the 5 counties in IL that are close to St. Louis. During said break, I happened upon Barney's Blog. Barney is the best character off the hit show "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS. He's a mysogynistic, horny bastard who is funny as hell. He's played by Neil Patrick Harris. The blog is to die for hilarious, especially if you've seen the show and know the character well. I've linked the blog entry about how to dump someone. If you don't read the whole blog, you at least have to read this entry; it's the best I've read (so far).

Well, Mom, Dad and Jessi should be calling soon from the airport and I need to be ready to go get them.

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