Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Columbia and CLC

This past weekend, Ben, Bob and Karl and I traveled to Columbia, MO, for our friend Mike's surprise 30th birthday party. Mike is the husband (and good friend of mine from college) of the marvelous and thoughtful Morgan. He's the first of our group (from college) to hit the big 30. Hell, I'm next, and I'll only be 29. So anway, on the way there, Ben asks me if Mike knows about the party, or even if he has an inkling. Right off the bat, I say "no, he doesn't have a clue." Ben then proceeds to push the issue, saying that maybe Mike knows. Again, I say nope. Morgan kicks butt at keeping good secrets like this, it won't even occur to Mike that she would have a big blow out like this for him.

Later that afternoon, we all arrive at the restaurant and we're waiting for Mike and Morgan to arrive. He shows up, on the phone with someone who is at the restaurant waiting for him! When Mike turns the corner and sees us all, his expression is PRICELESS. The look on his face was complete and utter confusion. I got a picture of it, but Ben has to offload it from the camera and put it on the server for me. I'll load it to the blog for everyone.

During the party, Mike begins talking about how he had no idea that this was going to happen. So I elbow Ben and give him an "I told you so" look. Mike catches it and wants to know what that was, so I tell him about the discussion in the car. Unfortunately, I worded it badly when telling him about it and it sounded like I thought he was stupid or clueless (WHICH he is NOT), I merely meant that he would not think of her doing something this big. I have mad respect for the intelligence that Mike possesses (Hello, he married Morgan didn't he?!).

On to the job front...

I'm EXHAUSTED these days. Doing my job, my boss' job (out on maternity leave) and my co-worker's job until the position starts in September is quite tiring. And unfortunately, our receptionist is transferring to another school in the district, and there's a really good chance that we won't be able to get a new one hired and trained until Oct (when my boss gets back anyway). I'm sure not going to learn the receptionist position. I barely have time to get any part of my job/boss job/coworker job stuff done.

The past two days, I've gotten home from work, sat down and passed out. I'm mentally and physically worn out. And I've still got two months to go. Then I'm taking major vacation and comp days. Plus I get a full two weeks off at Christmas. Yay! I'm sure as hell going to need that time.

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