Monday, August 25, 2008

26 weeks

Now I'm actually pushing the 28 week marker, but my sister took a picture of my baby bump at 26 weeks, so here it is:

That's my friend Karl giving Becca the bunny ears.

Since then, I've had to get a maternity support brace for my back because my belly's getting so big. Putting this thing on is like strapping in for a parachute jump!

Ben has been feeling the baby move now for about a week. She kicks and punches and he always seems amazed at how hard she's doing it. I keep telling him, it's always felt like this, there's just less cushion between her and the outside world now!

BTW, I'm experiencing fewer of the contractions lately. Who knows why, but they just seem to happen less. Everything else is going well, though.

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Mary Margaret said...

you are so stinking cute! Glad things are going okay. Happy Birthday on Monday!