Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sorry that I haven't posted lately. I tend to go in spurts like that. Post lots and lots for a few weeks, then nothing for a couple. That's just the way it goes.

I was hoping to be posting some great news, but the good news is that Ben and I are now officially "trying." Keep your fingers crossed and send some good vibes our way.

Work has kept me very busy, and I've been trying to cook more when I get home from work, so that leaves me pretty well exhausted and I have little interest in turning on my computer to check e-mails, read blogs and post blogs.

Well, I'll try and post more often.


Chris said...

Congrats! We're going to be "Trying" this year as well!

Shennie said...

Ok - I'll start knitting now! Green, yellow, white. That kid is going to have so many blankets it won't know what to do.

Be careful - if you get pregnant now, you could have it on your birthday!

Morganarama said...

Yay, official!