Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organ Donation

OK, so I'm not in bed yet... I wanted to finish the Oprah I was watching when I got the Snow Day call.

The show is about medical miracles. One of the stories featured was a story about a young man, Jason Ray, who decided to become an organ donor. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and was declared brain dead shortly thereafter. His family was asked if they would donate his organs, and because of a conversation he had with his mother, his heart, kidneys and pancreas among many other organs, are helping more than three people live their lives.

Now, many of you know that I am already an organ donor. But just in case you were to ever wonder if I want to be one again after I'm gone from this world, my answer is a resounding "YES!" If my heart, lungs, pancreas, remaining kidney, liver, eyes, skin, etc. could be of use to another human being, then they should have what they need. I'd also be OK with them taking my brain, but I've already used so much of it, I can't imagine how much will be left when I die. :)

Seriously, though. If you are not an organ donor, please consider signing your driver's license and talking with your family members about your decision. In the state of Illinois, signing your driver's license no longer is a guarantee that your organs will be donated. If you live in Illinois, you can go to THIS SITE and be registered in less than 30 seconds! If you do not live in Illinois, go to OPRAH'S website and click on your state to become a registered organ donor.

You should still talk wit your family and friends about your decision to donate, though. That will make their ability to deal with your choice a little easier. Please, please, please become an organ donor, you could literally save a life (or two, or more!).


-Scott (Campaign Manager) said...

Hi Jennie,

Thanks so much for calling attention to the crucial issue of organ/tissue donation. Jason Ray is truly a testament to just how powerful of an impact we can all make on others' lives.

If you haven't registered as an organ donor in Illinois since Jan. 1, 2006, visit the link Jennie mentioned and take a moment to register. You can also check out our Illinois Donor Diaries and great online community of supporters on the site as well.

You have the power to save and enhance more than 25 lives as a donor. Make a difference today.


Shennie said...

I thank her every day of my life!

~her recipient