Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letter to the Future

Dear Becca,

This is a whole new world for you, one that I don’t know. The world I grew up in was changed today with the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The world that I grew up in was one that was supposed to be fair, but wasn’t always. And some people used that fact as an excuse to not live up to their highest potential. Now they have no excuse. An African-American has now been elected to the highest office in the United States and he has taken office. He did so even though he grew up in a world that was even less fair than the society that I was familiar with. He worked hard and chased down his dream until he got what he wanted.

I’m hopeful that your new world will be fairer and more successful than my world. The vote was first given to African-Americans many years ago, followed soon after by giving the vote to women. Maybe your world will include not only an African-American president, but also a female president. It could be you. Not that I expect that from you, but it’s a possibility in this new world that you’re going to grow up in.

Of course, I just want you to be happy. I hope this new world will allow you to be happy.

I love you,


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Shennie said...

Ok, can I cry now?