Saturday, March 29, 2008

Notice Anything New?

I'm pregnant!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm over 6 weeks pregnant, and I can't believe this happened so quickly. I super excited.

For the first couple of weeks after we found out, it seemed surreal, but now that the morning sickness has hit full force, it's not so surreal anymore! I've been lucky and haven't actually gotten sick, yet, but the nausea has been pretty bad from time to time. But my aunt suggested something that has seemed to help. Her friend said that keeping saltines by her bed and eating a few before even getting out of bed helped her get through morning sickness. So for the past week now, as soon as my alarm goes off, I eat a few saltines, let my stomach settle, then I get up and go eat oatmeal right away (and take my prenatal vitamin).

I'm due November 18. I'm going to be a mom. Weird. But good. :)


Shennie said...


Have started knitting already! I had to control myself at ACMoore today.

Sarah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so exciting. FYI - some women in my office told me that their morning sickness went away completely if they took their vitamin at night instead of in the morning (they were just telling me for future reference). Yay! Baby on the way - I can't wait to shop :)

Morganarama said...

Yay! I can start telling people about it now!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We are sooo happy for you and Ben!! We miss you guys! Deb/Jeff

MsMary said...

That is such awesome news!! I am so happy for you! You'll be a fantastic mom!