Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Get "It" Now

Surprise, surprise, while watching Oprah I heard something that made perfect sense to me. The episode had Sinead O'Connor on discussing her bipolar disorder. She was discussing the thoughts of suicide that she had for years.

Now, suicide has never been something that made any kind of sense to me before. I've never been that depressed, I've never been that far down, so that's understandable. What Sinead said that really resonated with me is that she deep down did not want to die, but that she truly wanted that depressed part of her life to die and be reborn as a happier human being.

I get that. Now if only we could point that out to people who are in the midst of depression, "No, you don't want to die, you are probably just wanting that sadness, the darkness, the hopelessness to die. You want to be happy, to feel peace once again."

I love light bulb moments.

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