Saturday, October 13, 2007

Funnies from Our Adventures in Fort Stewart, GA

My mother, sister Jessica and I arrived in Fort Stewart, Georgia, last night at around 9:15 p.m. EDT. We got out of our car at our "hotel." As we stepped out, we were hit by a wall of stench. Apparently, the civil engineers who planned out Fort Stewart decided to place their beautiful new Army Lodging facility less than a quarter mile from their waste water treatment plant.

After we checked in and unloaded our car, we followed David Andrew to his house on post. As we're driving away, Mom says, "Girls, pay attention, we have to get back here tonight."

My smart-ass response? "Mom, we can just roll down the windows and follow the smell." The three of us laughed until we cried. And if you know the three of us, you know how we can get when we're laughing all out; red faces, barely breathing, high squeaky noises.

Then today we got to spend more time with David, Chelsey, Raja, Prince, Loki and Isis. Raja and Prince are both Rottweiler mix dogs, each are about a year or so old. Loki and Isis are their cute kitty cats, only a couple months old. Loki is the most laid back cat I've ever known. He doesn't hiss, scratch or fight when you pick him up. He lets you hold him like a baby, and even truly seems to enjoy it. I swear, I could catnap that kitty he's so sweet. Isis, on the other hand, is a skittish kitty with a penchance for scratching you if you pick her up.

Loki (orange and white tabby) & Isis sleep

Raja smiles pretty while Prince stands behind him seeking attention from Chelsey

Aren't their animals cute? And the dogs are trained pretty well, also.

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