Saturday, July 08, 2006

Totally Random

Jessi and Craig (my sister and bro-in-law) are on their merry little way to Omaha, their newest place of residence (at least for the next year). They weren't able to make the move without any drama, though. As if it isn't enough to be moving halfway across the country, it turns out the people who run their apartment complex in Louisville, KY, are greedy bastards and nobody ever gets their deposits back. Jessi and Craig scrubbed that place from ceiling to floor and according to the apartment people "It's not clean enough, we'll have to dock you some." Are you flipping kidding me?! If Jessi can't get a place looking sparklin' new, then Mr. Clean ain't gonna do it either!!! Greedy buttfaces. Then, yesterday as Craig is packing up his car getting ready to drive away, he falls down the last couple of steps and hurts his ankle. It looks awful. I feel badly for him, it's gotta hurt. (Check out Jessi's blog for pics.) So Craig's Mom and Dad were kind enough to drive him up yesterday, because he hurt his driving ankle.

Now the mini-drama in my life. I got a speeding ticket. In O'Fallon. But according to the officer, if I show up in court on the appointed date, I'll get three months court supervision and if I don't get another traffic citation, I'm off the hook, and insurance will never be the wiser. For giving me a ticket, this guy was seriously nice. But up until he was getting ready to walk away, he thought that he had pulled over an astronaut!! I had my flight suit in the back of my car and I was wearing my NASA tee-shirt "I Need My Space" with the NASA logo on the front. I told him that, no, I'm not an astronaut yet, but that I would be applying in the next round for Educator Astronaut. Now, I don't think that I would ever be accepted to be an astronaut. I have a feeling that my missing kidney pretty much precludes me from them taking a risk with my life. But I seriously would like to apply next year when apps will be accepted again. I'm still younger than the average astronaut. Most don't get accepted until they are in their mid-30's. So, we'll see.

Finally, I'm going to see my boss and her newest member of the family, Owen Zachary. I'll post a pic as soon as I have one. I hope I can figure out how to do that...

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