Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Weekend Plans

Given that the weather is supposed to be so nice this weekend, I'm planning the following activities for Becca and myself (and anyone who wants to join us!):

Friday: Go for a walk around the neighborhood, probably using the cool bike she got for Christmas. She'll love that.

Saturday: Take Becca to the playground across the street (or at one of our lovely parks here in O-town) for the first time!!!

Sunday: Do some gardening (read: Ben plays with Becca while Mommy kills the heck out the giant butterfly bushes attempting to make a comeback).

I'm sure most people are interested in joining in on either Friday or Saturday's plans, but I'll gladly accept anyone's help for Sunday's gardening!! There are at least four bushes that require digging up, and I doubt I'll be able to get to them all in one day, so.... I'm not above offering Hank's chili as payment for help with the yard... I'm just sayin'.

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