Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cheap Baby Booty

Yesterday morning, my sister, Jessi, and I went garage sale hunting. A girl that works with Jessi and Ben was holding one at her house, and she informed Ben that she had a bunch of baby stuff for sale. So I decided to go check it out. I am SO glad I did! I got a Graco Eddie Bauer baby carrier, stroller and car seat base for $50! That stuff retails for about $200!!! I got a second car seat base for $15 (retail for $40), a Snugli (baby carrier) for $6, a sheepskin for $3, bunch of bottles and various nipple sizes for $7, a car window shade for $.50, baggie of baby spoons and medicine droppers for $2, a baby memory book for $.25, a brand new, totally unopened baby Boppy for $5 (retails for about $35!!), a couple of traveling formula containers for about $2 total, and a baby carrier cover (for winter time) for $1! In all, I saved about $300 and the environment! Yay!

Then we found another garage sale where they were selling a wooden cradle, in perfect condition, for $25. It's so cute! The gal had two little girls that she had helping her with the sale, and they were kind of sad to see it go; they enjoyed letting their dollies "sleep" in it. So I thanked them for letting my baby use it. That made them happy to know that another baby would love this cradle as much as they did.

So anyone interested in saving a little money when starting a family, go garage sale hunting!

Here's some pictures off all my baby booty:

Folded stroller, baby carrier and stacked car seat bases (from left to right)

Baby Boppy, Snugli (green), Sheepskin, car window shade, carrier cover (forest green), pink cereal container, blue formula container, multicolored spoons and medicine droppers, two bags of bottles and one bag of nipples of various sizes

Cradle with booty inside (to keep the cat from jumping in)

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Shennie said...

Great shopping! At this rate you'll be all set by YOUR birthday. The stuff looks great. Can't wait to see it all put together.