Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our Christmas House

Here's what our house looks like for Christmas:

Just kidding! That's the gingerbread house I worked so hard on. OK, so it's not super duper, but boy did it taste good! Here's our house for real:

Our cruise is only two months and two weeks away. Yay! Oh yeah, in case I haven't told you, we're going on a cruise in February. Can't wait.


Shennie said...

What are those blue lights in my bedroom window? Will I be sleeping at KMART?

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Hey, cute ginger bread house! We need to do one of those since we're stuck in our house thanks to all this snow!

I was wanting to ask you about the vitamin D, but you don't have your email posted. I just happen to buy some yesterday because I had seen Dr. Oz on Opra(heehee) he's huge on vitamin D! the ones I have say 1000 IU...should I take 2 to get 2000? Or does it not work like that? The ones I bought are Freeda Pure Vitamin D3. What about my kids? They have vitamin D 3 in their multivitamin but only 400 IU...and my bottle only says for adults. Let me know!! My email addy is flipflopmamma(at)gmail(dot)com