Sunday, November 11, 2007

Funny stuff

Tonight while watching football, we were discussing the green dots on the QB helmets. So I went online looking for the "true" answer for the dot. This is the funniest answer I found.

What are those green dots on the back of NFL football helmets for?
I keep seeing these green stickers on the backs of NFL player's helmets and I don't know what they are for. Anyone know?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
It's part of the Quarterbacks new religion. I think its called a Bindi. They think that with that dot they can communicate with higher beings from upstairs.
Incidentally the Saints were unaware of this and the reason Drew Brees was wearing one is because they went into a college type system. He got a sticker for every good play he made.


Shennie said...

While out shopping on Saturday I was winding my way through the obstacle course known as the parking lot at shopper's world, and who do I spot leaving Barnes and Noble's with a Starbucks in her hand but Marti! Only enough time to beep, wave and blow a kiss. Miss her in the clinic!

Martha said...

Real answer...the teams can only have so many players on the field with the in-helmet audio equipment, so the dots represent helmets with that equipment in them.

Karl Withakay said...

Martha is correct. Supposedly some coaches were giving the radio helmets to defensive players (BilliCheat) so they could call communicate with the defensive players. Now they can't do that because the official would see the green dot on the helmet.