Friday, April 14, 2006

Not sleeping is for the birds

OK, so what the hell is wrong with me lately?! I have not been sleeping right. The other morning I was up at 4:30 a.m., and now I can't get to sleep. This is so messed up.

Anyway, so all those plans of things I wanted to get done while recuperating at home?? None of them done. I'm so darn tired every day, just the smallest things wear me out. After a shower I have to rest for a few minutes before I can finish getting ready. Going out and running an errand almost requires a nap when I get home. But my energy levels are slowly getting better.

Part of this not sleeping thing is that my legs feels weird, like I need to move. So I get up, walk a couple rounds around my home interior, then sit down because I'm tired. Then my legs want to walk again, so I'm off like a race horse, walking around and around until I'm tired again. Or until the cat finally pisses me off enough that I have to sit down so she'll quit attacking my legs while I walk. It's like she knows something isn't right. She is probably thinking, "why the hell is Mommy up? She never comes back out into the living room this fast after she's gone to bed... what's wrong with her?"

OK, I'm thinking like I'm the cat. I really need sleep.


Bob Williams said...

Yes, not sleeping not good. It pretty much screws up your day no matter what. Just look at my own house to see that proof.

Bob Williams said...

Question, this sleep issue. Do you feel that if you sat still your go nuts? Like panic about it?

Jennie said...

No, no panicing, my legs just feel like they have to be moving. They twitch while I'm falling asleep, and that is driving Ben nuts. I'm going to the doctor today. Last night my Dad suggested that maybe I have post operative restless legs syndrome. He said it's treatable. I took an Ambien last night; I slept GREAT! I woke up this morning refreshed, ready to start my day. I didn't feel as zombie-like as I usually am in the morning. But, we'll see what the doc has to say.