Tuesday, February 09, 2010


As of last week, I was working on three knitting projects. I've now completed two and the last one will take a little longer to finish.

I looked through a knitting calendar my aunt gave to me a couple years ago, and found quite a few patterns that I'm interested in trying, but will likely need help from my two resident knitting mentors (my aunt and my niece, Cheryl). Some of the patterns I can't even find how to begin the project! I like patterns that start with "cast on X stitches." If I can't find that sentence anywhere in a pattern, I'm lost before I've even started! It should be a requirement that every knitting pattern contain that sentence. Otherwise, how do you know where to begin? So silly.

But before I can begin these other much more ambitious projects, I must complete the aforementioned project. Would love to say what that project is, but you know how it is when the person that the project is for reads your blog (or at least I'm assuming this person still reads it...)