Monday, August 21, 2006

Fantastic Time Waster

On the news this morning, Art and Jennifer (Channel 5 in St. Louis) announced that Missouri is the number one state in wasting time while at work. Apparently, Missourians waste an average of 3.1 hours per day, number two state wastes only 2.1 hours per day. IL workers waste only 2.0 hours per day.

So this got me to thinking, what is it that I do when I need a brief break from work, while at work? I check my e-mail during coffee in the morning and during snack time in the afternoon. I check if my sister has updated her blog. Today, I decided to take a 15 minute break after addressing packets to go to every elementary school and middle school in the 5 counties in IL that are close to St. Louis. During said break, I happened upon Barney's Blog. Barney is the best character off the hit show "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS. He's a mysogynistic, horny bastard who is funny as hell. He's played by Neil Patrick Harris. The blog is to die for hilarious, especially if you've seen the show and know the character well. I've linked the blog entry about how to dump someone. If you don't read the whole blog, you at least have to read this entry; it's the best I've read (so far).

Well, Mom, Dad and Jessi should be calling soon from the airport and I need to be ready to go get them.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I can't wait for October

Seriously, I'm going nuts here people! We haven't had any missions at work this week, so my whole week has been stuck behind the desk (except the day I went home sick). Today, I took some of my work into the classroom just for a change of scenery! Then, after I got bored working in there, I went and did some of my work at the receptionist's desk (she's not in on Thursdays).

I don't know how people work eight hours a day, five days a week at the same desk. I would go insane.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Surgery Update

My friend Bob got out of surgery today and is doing very well. The doctors did not remove as much of his bowel as they thought they might have to, and so they sent him home today. He's at his parents' house, under the care of his mother. Despite all this good news, we will have to wait until next week to get the results of the tests that they are now doing on the removed parts. So keep those prayers, good thoughts, and positive karma headed his way, please.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

USS Bill Clinton

Got this humorous e-mail minus the picture (that I would so love to photoshop, if I knew how). So went out googling the net for the whole e-mail and it's accompanying pic.

Here is the link to the announcement of the USS Bill Clinton.

Did you click in it? If not... do so now. You need to see the picture before I tell you what I would photoshop in...

First of all, I would add a cigar boat (haha) as the life boat.

Then, I'd place a cheap looking fake palm tree near the jet. Christmas lights would string from the tree's branches to the open cockpit (haha) of the plane. The seat of the jet would have one of those tacky seat covers that teens are putting on their driver and passenger seats. You know, the one with the silhouette of the naked woman.

Finally, I'd photoshop a bevy of Monica Lewinskys, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers look alikes on board.

Nope, wait, the final touch would be for the people who look very closely at the Captain of the USS Bill Clinton. She's in the boathouse, holding onto the wheel... Hillary Clinton.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Prayers are needed

My friend Bob will be undergoing abdominal surgery to remove parts of his bowel that may or may not be cancerous. Regardless of the outcome, abdominal surgery is rough to recover from, as was evident after my laparoscopic abdominal surgery. I have read scientific studies that people who have been prayed for (whether or not they knew they were being prayed for) had faster, less complicated recovery times. This is what I want for my friend. Goodness knows how long I would have been out of commission if I hadn't had all the prayers and good karma out there for me! Best of Luck, Bob. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Really, When It Rains...

Now I'm not talking about work or bad things, I'm talking about the fact that:

1) I've been blogging like a mad woman the past few days

2) I'm putting pictures on my blog now...

3) Here's even more pictures, but now they are of my beautiful new piece of furniture. OK, so it's considered an accessory, but it's the first piece of furniture I've bought all by myself. I got it at Ashley Furniture Store (thanks for the heads-up Jessi and Craig). It's black wood and leather, with gorgeous detailing. Enjoy!

The reason I bought the screen, though, is the funny part. Take a look at what's behind it...

When It Rains...

As many of you know, I'm working my tail off at work trying to keep the Center up and running while I bide my time until my boss comes back to take this responsibility off my shoulders. Well, my poor husband is not only having to deal with his uber-tired wife, but it seems like everything is breaking down on him.

His new car needs brake work; the rotors appear to be uneven. (OK, so how long did you believe that I actually know what the heck that means?!)

His Xbox 360 (less than a year old) broke down this week. Won't even start up sometimes. Won't run a game from the CD/DVD.

I know there is something else he told me about that broke... but I can't think of it right now.

He's also having to do a lot at work. But he told me the other day that he's really loving what he's doing. I can't even tell you how happy that makes me. I've been hoping for the last two years that he would like what he's doing at this job. I know that he likes the people at work (he's related by marriage to many of them, so he has little choice about liking them...).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy happy happy

Happy Anniversary Mike and Morgan!!! Aug 1

Happy Birthday Morgan!!!Aug 6

Happy Birthday Mike!!!Aug 9

I love you both! Enjoy the rest of you month!!


The picture in which I am wearing the yellow tank, is the "before" pic. The picture in which I am wearing purple pants is the "after" pic. Back then, the scars were so red, they itched, and they looked awful. Now, they have lost the red, they are more pink. The almost never itch, but from time to time they do. I bet overtime, it might get to be that people might not notice them.

Looking at the scars now, I wonder how they will be affected during any of my future pregnancies....

So what do you all think about these??

Pic from Mike's party

Feel free to take, use, adjust picture , as long as you are a Truman group friend. I don't want someone taking it photoshopping it and make my friend Mike to look bad.

DVD list

Alright, for many years now I have been talking about taking some time and watching movies from our collection. Many of the movies are ones that I have not seen before, but purchased because I strongly felt that I would like the movie. Others fall under the category of I've-seen-it-and-really-want-to-see-it-again. So, here begins the list. In alphabetical order, since that is how we organize our movies.

An americna Werewolf in Paris
Anger Management
Because of Winn-Dixie
Blow Dry
Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason
Chasing Amy
The Count of Monte Cristo
Disney's Halloween Treat
Failure to Launch
Gone with the Wind
Grosse Point Blank
Gunner Palace
Hardvard Man
Heart and Souls
High Fidelity
Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
In Good Company
Just Married
Kingdom of Heaven
Life Without Dick (it's not porn)
Mary Poppins
Mona Lisa Smile
Muppets Wizard of Oz
Animal House
The Natural
The Notebook
Phantom of the Opera
Princess Bride
Runaway Jury
Saw II
Say Anything
Under the Tuscan Sun
Wnderworld; Evolution
Waking the Dead

IMpressive list. Like I'll get through it anytime soon though. But at least I've put it out there. I'll check them off as I get them watched.

Columbia and CLC

This past weekend, Ben, Bob and Karl and I traveled to Columbia, MO, for our friend Mike's surprise 30th birthday party. Mike is the husband (and good friend of mine from college) of the marvelous and thoughtful Morgan. He's the first of our group (from college) to hit the big 30. Hell, I'm next, and I'll only be 29. So anway, on the way there, Ben asks me if Mike knows about the party, or even if he has an inkling. Right off the bat, I say "no, he doesn't have a clue." Ben then proceeds to push the issue, saying that maybe Mike knows. Again, I say nope. Morgan kicks butt at keeping good secrets like this, it won't even occur to Mike that she would have a big blow out like this for him.

Later that afternoon, we all arrive at the restaurant and we're waiting for Mike and Morgan to arrive. He shows up, on the phone with someone who is at the restaurant waiting for him! When Mike turns the corner and sees us all, his expression is PRICELESS. The look on his face was complete and utter confusion. I got a picture of it, but Ben has to offload it from the camera and put it on the server for me. I'll load it to the blog for everyone.

During the party, Mike begins talking about how he had no idea that this was going to happen. So I elbow Ben and give him an "I told you so" look. Mike catches it and wants to know what that was, so I tell him about the discussion in the car. Unfortunately, I worded it badly when telling him about it and it sounded like I thought he was stupid or clueless (WHICH he is NOT), I merely meant that he would not think of her doing something this big. I have mad respect for the intelligence that Mike possesses (Hello, he married Morgan didn't he?!).

On to the job front...

I'm EXHAUSTED these days. Doing my job, my boss' job (out on maternity leave) and my co-worker's job until the position starts in September is quite tiring. And unfortunately, our receptionist is transferring to another school in the district, and there's a really good chance that we won't be able to get a new one hired and trained until Oct (when my boss gets back anyway). I'm sure not going to learn the receptionist position. I barely have time to get any part of my job/boss job/coworker job stuff done.

The past two days, I've gotten home from work, sat down and passed out. I'm mentally and physically worn out. And I've still got two months to go. Then I'm taking major vacation and comp days. Plus I get a full two weeks off at Christmas. Yay! I'm sure as hell going to need that time.

Friday, August 04, 2006

San Antonio

So, Tuesday night I flew to San Antonio, TX, for a business trip. First of all, I saw more military people in the 24 hours of my trip than I see in a month around O'Fallon and Fairview Heights. At Lambert, before I even boarded my plane I sat and talked with three Army guys. They were coming home from Iraq for some time off. I thanked them for their service and told them about my dad being retired Air Force and my brother being Army. They seemed to appreciate the fact that I may not have lived "the life," but that I had an understanding of it. They were really nice guys.

Then, the gal sitting in front of me on the plane (I'll get to THAT in a minute) was on her way to San Antonio for AF Basic Training. She is straight out of high school, trying to get money to pay for college. She'll be training for Security Forces. I got the impression that she believes she'll be headed to Iraq/Afghanistan soon after her training is complete. She was a very sweet girl. I tried to give her my US Weekly for her to read during Basic, but she said she wasn't allowed to have stuff like that.

Now, onto the plane. This plane could have been Ben's left shoe. It was freaking tiny! I was in seat 2A for both flights. Just to give you an idea of how little room I had, I made a trek to the onboard bathroom on both flights just so I had some room to stretch out!! Other than that, though, both flights were fairly uneventful. On the flight home, I got to see some thunderstorms southwest of St. Louis. Most people would be freaked out seeing lightning while flying, but it was far enough away that I just enjoyed the beauty of nature.

My trip itself was good. The staff at the San Antonio Challenger Learning Center were very nice. I truly enjoyed their presentations and program. They were very kind and gave me all kinds of stuff (a patch with their logo and a CD of space music and parodies made by one of their more creative staff members). They also shared a lot of cool lessons that I can (and will) use in the future here at our Center.

Well, back to work I go. I've got a lot of prep work to do for Monday. Laters!